In Memoriam
Ted Touchstone
Class of 1969
Ted Touchstone, class of 1969, suffered a massive stroke on Thursday. April 8,
2010 and could not recover. He passed away two days later on April 10, 2010.
Ted was from Rome and one of the original day students at the Academy.  He
was an outstanding baseball player (shortstop) and was MVP of the baseball
team in 1969. Ted earned his pilot’s license as a teenager and he was an avid
flyer. Ted worked most of his adult life as a conservationist for the Georgia
Department of Natural Resources. He also hosted a weekly call-in talk show on
one of the Rome radio stations discussing topics of wildlife, the outdoors and
conservation in general. Ted appeared to be in perfect health – trim, athletic
and strong. He was a great friend and a great teammate.
Local conservationist dies at age 59
by Doug Walker

He was a true conservationist who fully understood the functioning of an ecosystem. Terry H. “Ted” Touchstone,
59, died Saturday after suffering a stroke Thursday.

Touchstone was a retired wildlife biologist after 32 years with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources
(DNR), but continued to work as a volunteer with the DNR while managing his own environmental consulting
business, Touchstone Ecosystems.

“I was always struck by Ted’s commitment to natural resources and his conservation philosophy,” said Chuck
Waters, the Region One DNR Game Management Director and Touchstone’s last supervisor with the DNR.

Martin Duke, who did environmental consulting work with Touchstone said, “I remember him being this walking
dictionary of the wildlife world. He was always looking at the long range impact of wildlife management.”

Ben Winkleman, a former wildlife technician with the DNR, said, “There was only one Ted Touchstone. He was an
extremely good, family-oriented person.”

Never one to forsake an adventure, during the last decade Touchstone took up skydiving and bull riding so he
could spend time with his son Zachary.

across the Coosa Valley and was well known for his contribution to the non-game program, particularly efforts to
re-introduce both the bald and golden eagles across Georgia.

For the past seven years Touchstone was the co-host of the local radio station program Wildlife Wildlands.

Waters said he and Touchstone conceived the idea for the program during an early morning trip to assist DNR
Fisheries personnel on the Jacks River in the Cohutta Wilderness near Chatsworth.

The family will receive friends today from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. at Daniels Funeral Home. Private interment services
are scheduled for later in the week.


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