In Memoriam
Jerry Bowen
Class of 1960
Gerald (Jerry) Dan Bowen passed away on January 23, 2016
following an illness with Melanoma. He is survived by his wife of fifty
years, Barbara Clements Bowen; father-in-law Jesse Clements; sister-
in-law Becky Millican (Kent); nephew, Shay Harrell (Tina), Ben and
Zella; niece Jolee Gray (Davy), Ramplee and Bex; sister, Anne G.
Townes; brother, Cliff Green (Linda); sister, Jean Mobley (Aldine);
sister, Marie Kennason; brother, Lonnie Williams (Debbie); God
daughter, Yuri Melendez (Willie), Juliana and Iris.

        Jerry was born in Duvall County, Florida and lived in Waycross,
Georgia until his junior year in high school when he transferred to
Mount Berry School for Boys, Rome Georgia. Following graduation
from high school, Jerry served the United States Marine Corps from
June 1960 until June 1964. He was a member of Marine Helicopter
Squadron HMM-261 that off-loaded the first U.S. troops in Vietnam in
May 1962.

        Jerry received his Master’s Degree in School Administration
and worked in Polk School District from 1970-1977. He specialized in
school finance and school facility planning and construction. He was
a member of the Georgia State Department Education Team that
developed and implemented a new Capital Outlay Program for the
state of Georgia in 1980. He served as Director of Planning and
Construction for Cobb County School District from 1983-1985. He
was employed as a consultant to a number of school systems
throughout Georgia during the 1980’s. He served his last six years in
education in the Dekalb County School System as Administrative
Assistant to the Director of Administrative Services and retired in
June 2003.

        Since his retirement, he assisted Barbara with her Bank Travel
Program. He was past Secretary-Treasurer and past President of the
Optimist Club of Cedartown, and past Secretary and past President
of the Southeast Region Council of Educational Facilities Planners.

        Jerry believed in and supported the three most important social
institutions in a community: religion, education, and civic clubs. He is
a member of First Baptist Church of Cedartown, Ga.

        Jerry’s body will be cremated. The family will receive friends on
Sunday, January 24, 2016 from noon to two o’clock in the First
Baptist Church sanctuary. A Celebration of Life will be held beginning
at two o’clock with Dr. David Taylor and Rev. Wayne Benefield

        The family requests that In lieu of flowers, contributions can to
be made to the First Baptist Church General Fund. The Olin L.
Gammage Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements for Mr.
Gerald (Jerry) Dan Bowen.
Obituary compliments of Olin L. Gammage Funeral Home


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